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Sunday, May 1st, 2011 06:45 pm
Bad blogger, but need to post this for record-keeping. 1pm last Saturday, I had a full seizure, two days before my next neuro appointment. I hate PMSing. He didn't want to do anything about it though, and when I asked if birth control might help, he said it wasn't worth it unless there were other reasons...which there aren't at present. That brings me to my next topic, Michael. We've been out four times and talked quite a bit, about the same stuff repeatedly. He bores me, lives an hour from here, and if Dueling Pianos is anything to go by, is more conservative than I thought. He's barely hugged me and hasn't kissed me. I'm not touchy-feely, but am way confused. I think he doesn't understand my expectations and I don't know how to convey that without saying "you didn't go to a real university or live in a real college town." I thought that wouldn't be an issue, but it is, a Bachelor's degree isn't enough. Help?
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Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 10:13 pm
So boredom has created fandom drama again. The latest evolution is Adam having a boyfriend, which ought to all "yay cute pictures" and not "if you don't love Sauli, you're not a fan," which is what's happening. As such, I'm wondering why people are really fans. I realize that after two years, a TV show, an album, a tour, and one memorable awards show performance, the reasons vary drastically. Also, it's not just how fan encountered Adam, it's what he represents as an out pop star. This creates a very mixed and sometimes volatile fandom with a peace-loving hippie at it's core.

While American Idol is how Adam was launched into national consciousness, and mine, I realize it wasn't that way for many. Some discovered him the night of his audition, and followed the rest of the season, some were hooked later by a random sighting, Ring of Fire or Mad World mostly. Thank you Top 8 show running over and Simon's standing ovation. Even favorite songs vary wildly. Three songs followed from Idol to his Glam Nation set, but Whole Lotta Love seems to be a favorite among hardcore fans while Mad World is bigger among casual fans. Also, Idol fans vary in how they've reacted to Adam and Idol post-show. Some wanted the restrained singer to continue to be the arch of his career, while some wanted him to give us whatever he wanted no matter how over the top. This has led to many clashes as some fans worry about every over the top move, while others delight in them.

This divide was marked sharply by the American Music Awards performance that got sexual and controversial (more the faux blow job than the kiss from viewers I asked). While many fans wondered about the ramifications, some still worry about crazy stunts even after Adam's sales were fine even after bannings from TV and press during tour. He gained fans after the AMAs as many respected that he would go all out despite the consequences, especially those that tuned out after Idol and hadn't seen the tour. Some were offended and backed away, but I think over all he came out ahead. However, the performance did impact his fans as his debut single was dropped from radio and that's been a continuous fight, with Whataya Want From Me and If I Had You. Fans have over requested or not requested locally, and annoyed deejays, while trying to force airplay. Also For Your Entertainment has only been performed a hand full of times in the US since then. However, having heard the international arrangement, not sure if that's so much as fan reaction as it's a damn hard song to sing, even using a remix rather the regular track.

The Glam Nation Tour was when many casual fans resurfaced. Until then, the media saw his fans as only female, but plenty of men saw the show. These fans bought the album and saw the show, but don't follow every picture and article. Shows sold out and nearly thirty extra US shows were added, a few at 5000+ venues. However, many were so impressed with the live show that glowing reviews resulted, with many reviews written by male music critics. The show was plenty of fun for everyone, with kisses, vocals, staging, and costumes being applauded. Favorite songs varied, while many loved Fever, Sleepwalker and encores (particularly Whole Lotta Love), others preferred the acoustic set. Also, many of the best shows were on the international leg of the tour, where Adam seemed more relaxed and fans more anything goes. Glam Nation is even being sold as a CD/DVD with plenty of promotion, even though sales seem to be mostly hardcore fans as of now rather than casual listeners.

The casual fans did recommend or purchase the CD after their concert though. This shows that while the Glamberts get plenty of press, there are many people who won't change the radio and even listen to the CD. Also, sales do increase after TV performances, such as the Idol performances that many hardcore fans complain about. However, reading Idol discussions on nights Adam performs, Idol fans are still impressed, even though they get the more conservative songs. The increase in sales of Acoustic Live! rather than For Your Entertainment this year showed that many people like Adam's softer side much to the chagrin of fans who want on-stage antics and showy vocals.

Aside from casual fans, there were those that found Adam through less conventional means. With the growing popularity of YouTube, knowledge of Adam spread to countries he didn't visit on his international promo tour, which was very successful as the US was still reeling from the AMAs . Videos from pre-Idol, Idol, and both summers of touring have been made available. The initial gateway seemed to be the version of Mad World that was aired late on Idol and got posted several places. However, covers were posted this summer as they were revealed as well. In a less traditional vein, I had one friend find Adam through Idol recaps on Television Without Pity. She read the recaps and needed to hear the voice. Several others saw television interviews or articles with videos.

Just how people became fans and what music they prefer makes this a very diverse fanbase. When you add in looks, vocals, boyfriends, band members you get several other dimensions that will have to be in part two of my thoughts.
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Sunday, April 10th, 2011 07:46 pm
So, spent Em's birthday in Birmingham. Wasn't sure what to expect, as updates on Granny have been few and far between. I know she's been going through her personal stuff, which we did more of as Em and I are the only ones, with Mom, getting jewelry. She had three jewelry boxes plus her everyday one. Some stuff she gave us, some stuff was marked for later. Not depressing though, as she looks much better than I anticipated. Minus the hospice paperwork, which exists for Grandpa too, you'd never know. Charles was saying he won't let her get a bloodwork update because he's afraid she'll fire the nurses. She so would. Dinner was fun, got to see wedding pix, as Charles is married, again. Why, I couldn't tell you. Bama colored wedding and honeymoon in GA.

I know I mentioned Granny's cooking before, well I finally got a pimento cheese recipe, sort of, now I need a grinder. We had so much excellent food, but the best was the birthday cake, chocolate with chocolate icing and a creamy sugar filling layer. Angel salad was delish as usual as was her new veggie casserole. I managed to not eat ham and not be hungry. Later we totally ate pimento cheese and fritos. Em gave Mom extra wedding cookies in exchange for the left over pimento cheese, damn her. Unfortunately, arguing with the birthday girl is a no go. On another food note, Granny had three ice cream makers, so now Em and I both have them, LOL. Things my waist doesn't need. And she had rum left from my parents' trip to Bermuda, glad I'm old enough for it now. LOL. Not sure when the next visit will be, not Mother's Day, that's in Daphne.
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Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 11:54 pm
Finally got to watch Glam Nation Live on Friday! I waited until I had the DVD as my iTunes vids don't play seamlessly and the quality's not as good. I knew my dad wanted to see it, but the fact that my mom watched more than half surprised me. I'd still love to see her reaction to Fever though. She did like the acoustic set and asked me about If I Had You, whether it was a single. She also asked me about Twentieth Century Boy, surprised she was still watching. I think she liked it despite thinking me crazy for planning three shows.

As my dad fell asleep before the encore, I need to show him the whole vid, but he was definitely impressed. He thought it was darker than what Adam would do and honestly expected it to be more over the top. He told me Adam is a pretty man, yes using that term, and then told me he wants to see him in drag. And people wonder how I ended up a fan? I got to explain tour economics and that for some of the ideas he threw at me (pyro) it wouldn't be cheap. I told him what the ticket prices for Gaga are and was like get me a #1 single and decent tour budget and we can talk. I told him about Adam buying the rights to the images for the backdrops and that who knew what else he'd gone over budget on, lasers anyone? He told me today that after seeing the tour vid he's really rooting for him to succeed because he wants to see a bigger scale tour, and that he thinks he's capable of some fantastic music if he can find the right collaborators (asked me if he'd found his Bernie Taupin). If you'd told me this was going to be his reaction, I'd have told him months ago you need to take Monday off and come to NOLA with me. Needless to say, some great father/daughter convos happened this week, including me telling my dad about Adam's new boyfriend when we were discussing album two, he was amused when I mentioned the Big Brother connection. *sigh*
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Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 06:20 am
So, I've been talking to a guy since early February, and three dates in I'm still unsure what's up. I'm looking for a job and am not willing to stay here, plus he lives an hour east anyway. That means only seeing him on weekends and having seen his place, any overnight/late night stuff is definitely there. This is awkward because I live in the city, not him. And seeing his house this past weekend was random. Totally wasn't expecting it on the way back from the historical site we went to after lunch. He didn't realize until I commented on his DVDs and books (Star Trek and sci-fi) that he made it seem as if photography/sightseeing is all he does. As someone who keeps very few secrets from guys, a guy with no hobbies is weird. However, as much as he talks about work, I think I know why he hasn't had a long relationship. Additionally, he's older than me and because of no grad school, is in a vastly different place than I am life-wise. I think he wants to stay here, as his parents are here, but I want to leave because my parents are here. About the only real things we have in common are music and computers, and too many years of French to count. His profile totally didn't reveal that he was Canadian, I was pleasantly surprised. Anyway, we need to actually talk more soon, tired of Yahoo messenger. Plus, too be honest, my Twitter feed is more fun than he is, so that's distracting. *sigh* It's nice to have attention from a guy, just wish he wasn't a computer nerd.
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Saturday, March 26th, 2011 04:45 am
Ok, I'd been trying to ignore Chris Brown resurfacing on the music scene after two years, an assault on and split from Rihanna. I tried, and then he shattered a window and tore up a dressing room at Good Morning America when asked about his ex. This was after questions were approved for the interview and he supposedly completed anger-management classes. He had performed one song, but the blow up happened before he was to perform for a live online feed. Anyway, flash forward and he's been invited back to GMA and is still being allowed to perform on Dancing With The Stars. What??? I'll admit to still questioning ABC's judgment over the 2009 AMAs Adam Lambert performance, but now I'm not alone. He was cancelled from GMA after that performance, incidentally replaced by Chris Brown, and yet Brown get to violently destroy ABC property and get invited back? I don't get it. I have my suspicions about Robin Roberts' feelings about Adam that date to a pre-AMAs appearance and watching her squirm. She's so uncomfortable with sex it's funny (wasn't a kiss, just a comment about tour).

Unlike many of my friends, I get that the AMAs decision was about more than just a kiss and was live on TV, but still. I also get that violence is tolerated on the whole more than sex, though I generally don't care as long as it's legal. I know CNN Showbiz Tonight and The New York Post weighed in (the latter makes me think Hell froze) saying Brown should be punished and CNN said he should be banned from DWTS. I'd love to see it. Not just as payback, that's a nice extra, but as a reminder that you gotta walk the walk to get the promo. I do think Brown will get what's due him anyway, as his PR guy, who so woefully prepped him for GMA, has quit. Without someone to spin this, he's got issues, especially since anyone that knows the difference in Rihanna's last two albums knows the damage he did, on Grammy night no less. Fool. And why she dropped/changed the restraining order to help his career? I have no fucking clue!
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Monday, March 14th, 2011 06:19 am
So, after a crazy Sunday, and because Greer had worked that night, Monday didn't commence until noon. We planned to pick up a friend of Patrick and Greer's, Chris, before heading Uptown for the parades, Proteus and Orpheus. We arrived at probably 3:30 on St. Charles after parking, which is an adventure unto itself. After scouting out alcohol and restrooms (I see now why people had portapotties in truck beds), we settled in to watch the vendors and await the parade. A few more friends arrived, including Jeanne who brought a wheeled stereo! There was a DJ on the roof of the bar across the way, so music galore and some crazy singalongs, including Don't Stop Believing, LOL. The parade lesson of the day, kids are only a good thing if they are with you. A three year old on her dad's shoulders was next to me getting all the attention, and good throws. I got one bag of unopened beads, but otherwise only stuff Sara caught during Proteus. And that parade was different, red and silver themed, also a lot more high school bands. This became crucial during Orpheus later as we figured out that we could go into the street when the floats came by but then had to get back for the bands. This was very different than the barricades during Endymion. Orpheus was just as long as Endymion, complete with break about two thirds of the way through. The colors for that parade were red and gold, which was my dream, as I now have tons of game day stuff, plus cool beads with lyres on them. Not much purple and green thrown. And not many cups and only doubloons from Proteus. As such, glad we did the chaos that was Endymion as well as the more regular parades on Lundi Gras. Also different was the fact that Proteus and Orpheus both had floats in the themes of the Greeks myths for which the Krewes are named, rather than a yearly theme. Having studied the history of Mardi Gras in French class (gotta love Mrs. Elliott), this was the format I knew was traditional, even though Mobile has a theme each year.

After the parade was over we headed out to dinner, but just getting there was interesting, as Sara, Patrick and Chris were moving too fast for me. Fortunately, I was able to catch up by calling them. We went to dinner and had decidedly non-Cajun food, normal meals in NOLA? They exist. I was all Cajuned out after cooking the week before, so it was nice. No crazy night out, just home to sleep/decompress. Woke up the next day to parades on TV, much like Thanksgiving or New Year's. We had decided not to go because the best parade rolled at 8am, too damn early. Sara and I sorted beads/cups/doubloons, leaving some behind, before repacking to head back to Pensacola. It was a crazy road trip, but totally worth it. I've wanted to experience New Orleans at Mardi Gras since I was 16 and made my first King Cake. Mission accomplished!
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Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 06:04 pm
Now that I'm feeling human again, this past few days was kickass. I love Mardi Gras, parades, and New Orleans. Sara and I went to Daphne on Friday for Mystic Order of Persephone, which Em and friends missed due to being stuck in traffic behind a wreck. That parade had the steel drum band from a local high school and we caught two dozen moon pies along with beads. I like traditional banana ones, but the new peanut butter and mint crunch ones are divine, if not marshmallow. Saturday's parade was canceled, but while that ruined Emily's Fairhope plans, it made Sara and my New Orleans plans kick ass. We made king cake to go with the fajita dinner, was delish. Watched the Duke-UNC game while we baked, payback's a bitch and thank god for Kendall Marshall, 12-1 since switching point guards, and focusing for forty minutes pays off. Regular season ACC Champs in a season that began very chump worthy.

One king cake really isn't enough for nine people though, damn Daddy needing the second one for work. However, I did have him help Sara and I make it, he has better hands for kneading dough. And he finished the decorating. I've redone the filling with cream cheese rather than butter and now decided that white powdered sugar icing with colored sugar over top is better than colored powdered sugar icing alone. I need to stock up on babies though, the cake we ate was responsibility free. It amuses me how many people think king cake is complicated. No, really, it's not and it's yummy. It is messy though. I use cinnamon and sugar rather than fruit in my cream cheese. Eight ounces per cake is awesome! Recipe Here

On a less foodie note, Sunday was crazy. Woke up to plans for Loyal Order of the Firetruck, the local Joe Cain parade, aka no formal floats, but plenty of bands and funky cars. Shadow Barons was scheduled to roll at four, but Sara wanted to go ahead to New Orleans. The big parade for Saturday, Krewe of Endymion, was rescheduled for 8:30, so we made it in time to park near the bus station and walk to Canal St, after catching dinner and hearing that the parade was mostly disbanding down Loyola. I'd never been to a proper New Orleans parade, I see now that Metarie totally doesn't count. The Grand Masters were Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa, very cool and appropriate post-Katrina. Train wasn't on their float though and they'd performed at the extravaganza the night before, meh. I got hit with beads and had more cups and doubloons thrown to me than I can count, no purple though. Those we had to retrieve later. Twenty-seven floats with a fifteen minute break in the middle. That was interesting because most of the families left. We caught light up beads, king cake baby beads, cowboys hat beads, and more gauges of purple, gold and green than I care to think about. The beads in New Orleans are more expensive than Mobile, and hurt more if they hit you. I was surprised by the lack of edibles though. We got twenty cups with the theme of American Masters, with floats devoted to writers, directors, and singers (everything from Mark Twain to Michael Jackson). We had two bags full of stuff, but could've gotten more if we could've carried it. Walking over beads is tricky shit when they are everywhere and it's dark. I do want to go to Bacchus Bash and catch Bacchus some year though. New Orleans is a great city for live music. Debating going for part of Jazz Fest in May. We shall see.
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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 01:39 am
I've been turning these thoughts over in my head for a while, but after today's news, I need to write it out. Adam's in Denver finally writing for the second album. Albeit with a writer he scrapped last time, but it's finally happening. Plus, as Sleepwalker is one of my favorite songs, I never say no to more Tedder. I do like the live arrangement better though. Also, it's the song I wanted as a fourth single and I know Adam liked it. Plus, Tedder might be bland, but radio loves him. And first thing Adam needs from this album is four solid singles. That could be why Max Martin was mentioned first in the press and he went to Denver early to record with Tedder.

Once the feel of the album takes shape with those two, more eclectic writers and producers can be added. I'd love more with Greg Wells and Sam Sparro and maybe Claude Kelly or Dr. Luke. Also, I'd love to see the January tweet from Tricky Stewart go somewhere and maybe working with Sia. That would add some fresh faces, but not create a one song per person situation. That I'd prefer to avoid as that was one critique of the last album that I didn't want to hear and did. Adam has said he wants more cohesive and while the mention of WWFM has some worried, I'm not surprised. It's not my favorite, but it did the best on the charts and garnered a Grammy nomination, which can't be discounted. I think we'll see a balance of WWFM/Sleepwalker and more funky stuff like Voodoo/DTRH. Although preferably with easier to remember lyrics, as we know that isn't Adam's strong suit. ;-) Also, he'll get more co-writes this time, I think, so that'll prevent cookie cutter, as the songs that he co-wrote last time definitely weren't. Plus, that'll mean kickass bridges. :D

Not sure how Sauli will fit in yet, but I hope anything written about him actually makes the album this time *cough*Voodoo*cough*. That brings me to bonus tracks, those need to not be some of the best stuff on the album this time. When two of your bonus tracks end up in your tour set, you've miscalculated. Also, thank goodness for a supposed simultaneous domestic and international release. That way we get all the goodies at once and Adam gets clearer fan feedback. Can't wait to see what news we get next.
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Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 02:56 am
When you spend the morning after the Grammys looking for school pictures of the night's big winners, things have gotten surreal. The front man of said band, Lady Antebellum, teased me all of fourth grade and played Battle of the Bands in our high school gym. I went to school with the keyboardist too, but don't really know him. I did miss their performance though, as Daddy decided to wait until the show started to come get me, missed everything from Bieber/Usher to right before Eminem. And not missing Love The Way You Lie Part 2 was the goal. He also performed I Need A Doctor with Dr. Dre, first time together since Guilty Conscience, I think. Now I just want the uncensored version. *glares at youtube*

As for why I watched like 5 hours of Grammy coverage, including the pre-show? Yeah Best Male Pop Vocal isn't worthy of TV. And while I didn't think Adam Lambert would win, I still wanted to see it announced. He didn't, Bruno Mars did, eh, I like his collabs better than his solo stuff. I watched enough red carpet to be thoroughly confused by Gaga and Nicki Minaj, but did see some stuff I liked, such as JLo's dress and Adam's outfit, wasn't expecting exposed chest, but yeah...the suit was awesome and so was the jewelry. Rhianna's was interesting as I saw the runway version, on a totally different model, a guy. Fandom is strange and wonderful.
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Friday, February 11th, 2011 02:56 am
I've been tossing this entry around in my head for a week. I was so looking forward to the Super Bowl because Christina Aguilera was going to sing the Star Spangled Banner. Imagine my surprise when she flubbed the lyrics, which I couldn't tell what lyrics at the time, but kept going and finished the song without any further gaffes. As I couldn't tell what lyrics, despite having heard the anthem less than twenty-four hours before, I was surprised when the public reacted the way it did. I heard everything from unpatriotic to uncaring to she should've rehearsed more. Honestly, having seen the rehearsal footage that TMZ posted on Tuesday, I think, she did rehearse and it sounded better than the eventual performance. As to the other charges, some people seem to think it was a bigger gaffe to flub the anthem than say to flub your own lyrics on a similar stage (Grammys, AMAs, etc). However, as not everyone, including all of the people I sat with, could name the lyrics that were flubbed (O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?), I didn't get the deal. Shit happens, occasionally on sports' biggest stage with a song most of us learned in kindergarten. Maybe it's my feelings about the song at sporting events or my politics or my friends, but I don't salute or sing anymore. And honestly, I prefer instrumental renditions, more often in tune. I just hate hearing my favorite artists reamed for mistakes. Especially when they've had a less than stellar year already. Flubbing the lyrics and quickly covering is an honest mistake that shouldn't be taken as unpatriotic or uncaring. After the lyrical flubs I heard this summer, this was flawless. Trust me.
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Monday, February 7th, 2011 08:38 pm
Just got back from yet another weekend out of town. Went to the Lakers-Hornets game in New Orleans, then to Harrah's and Bourbon St. It was surreal to finally see Kobe live, even if we were at the top of the arena. I forgot how much stuff they do at basketball games. We won t-shirts courtesy of our section being represented by the winning mascot in a scooter race. Also, very cool dance/magic act at half. The game was very high scoring 51-42 at half and 101-95 final, but the Hornets did pull even at the end of the 3rd quarter. Not many highlight shots, but lots of indefensible jumpers and post play. Both Kobe and Pay Gasol were over 30, not much help from the second unit, minus Lamar Odom. I'd love to see another game, that isn't best watched on the big screen. If I didn't have numbers memorized, telling players apart would be hard, the trash talking of Kobe from opposing fans not included. ;-)

I haven't gambled as much in ages as I have this month. After the game we went and parked at Harrah's, using Sara's players card to get free parking and drinks. 30 minutes of play is insanely cheap for 24 hours of parking. And there you can order drinks from the slot machines, dangerous, and not so in Biloxi. That was two weeks ago, for Bennett's birthday. Stayed at the Beau Rivage and gambled there and at the Hard Rock, plus dinner at the latter. Also, went outlet shopping. GAP outlets are love. Unfortunately, the concert we wanted to see was sold out. We did do brunch at the buffet on Sunday. I love mimosas and brunch. Crazy weekend, with five of us in one room, but didn't lose too much money.
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Monday, January 31st, 2011 03:29 am
My mother may have broken my heart tonight. I didn't know she had gone to Birmingham to be with Granny, and still don't know what this means, if she's gotten worse or what. She can't be that bad as Mom brought home pimento cheese, for which I still need the recipe. However, she's already given away a lot of her stuff, including jewelry and other items. A gorgeous ruby ring and pearl necklace and earrings as well as diamond earrings and her wedding set. Seeing that last set was surreal. Also, Mom gave me money to take half of from a present they were given at their sixtieth anniversary party, it's about $160, but I may feel horrible spending it. It's weird to be given this stuff while she's still alive, but without seeing her. I'm hoping I'll get a chance to say goodbye, but I wouldn't put it past her to not want us there. Add all this to the fact that my mother forgot to tell me about this trip and tonight's revelations hit me like a ton of bricks. While the trip down memory lane was fun, many bad fashion choices on my mom's part, it's not really wanted right now. I need an update first.
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Saturday, January 15th, 2011 05:39 pm
Why do this keep getting mentioned and yet nothing is done about it? That being the mental health system in America, which is rife with problems and only gets attention when some does something foolish, usually with a gun. Why must people die for this to get attention. Discussing the Tuscon shootings at dinner, my dad said he thought the guy might be schizophrenic. He's definitely the right age and the was apparently talk of testing him before he left school. How much heartache might that have saved?

I loved Obama's speech tonight, but that just struck a nerve. Also, the story of Christina Taylor Green may be what people remember most. The rain puddle comment broke my heart. I hope people remember the spirit of this speech, even if they don't like the man who gave it. This is the leader we need.
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Thursday, January 13th, 2011 10:21 pm
Just got back to Pensacola and already had drama. Meds got messed up by travel and ran out of Carbatrol. Took Keppra and Lyrica to no avail. Freaked out half of Publix by seizing in the laundry detergent aisle. This was just before 8pm. Took Valium a few minutes ago and just had another seizure (10:15pm). Need another dose, calling Daddy now. Took one Lyrica and one Keppra. Have I mentioned I hate my body?
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Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 01:43 pm
Back from Colorado and the job hunt resumes. Not much in Tally or Pensacola right now, and according to Bryan, not much in Atlanta right now. I've found stuff in New Orleans, but not worth moving for (hospitality). I need a job or a new city soon, going stir crazy. I even e-mailed Voc Rehab to update them, maybe they'll have ideas.
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Monday, January 3rd, 2011 10:18 am
Currently chillin' in Atlanta while Bryan trades stocks. Went to the Chick Fil-A Bowl on Friday, love live football, but not the best game. Ponder was injured, so EJ Manuel played most of the game. Additionally, four turnovers in the first half should've yielded more than two field goals. One touchdown in each half made for a long game. 26-17 win over South Carolina giving us our first ten win season in a while. Still work to do, need to actually win an ACC title. However, this season will secure Jimbo's future for a while. Can't wait for the Garnet and Gold Game in April, hopefully I have a job by then. Don't want to be broke anymore.

The rest of the weekend has been just as low key as Christmas was. No extended family makes my life much simpler. I didn't get much stuff for Christmas because of my trip. I got the new Ann Rule book, an Asian food cookbook, and an Italian charm bracelet. The last gift was freaky because I'd told my mother and sister I wanted one right before I opened it, when Katherine arrived. She put several charms on it, from a French flag to Mardi Gras to sports.

The Lakers charm created an interesting situation as I went to New Orleans last week, but couldn't get tickets to the Lakers-Hornets game. I want to try to get tickets to the February game. The rest of that day trip was a trip to Café du Monde and St. Louis Cathedral and Bourbon Street, which is way slimy under the light of day. I also pointed out the Payless to Sara and she was able to find the shoes she wanted in her size. Turns out NOLA is a good place to search for large shoes, but I'm not that surprised. And in the most random trip to the Garden District ever, we found both Real World New Orleans houses (one is actually Uptown). Also, I was way amused in the Garden District Bookshop when I saw an Adam tour shirt on a patron. The New Orleans history book I want is insanely expensive though. I'll get it eventually.
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Monday, January 3rd, 2011 01:35 am
Saw an accent meme on my flist, but when I tried to find the text, I found a better idea. Ask me questions and I'll answer in a voice post/mp3 uploaded to youtube.
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Thursday, December 23rd, 2010 04:20 am
I don't usually get sad over friends and family, but I'm way freaked out right now. A weekend after I got back from Birmingham, my grandmother was diagnosed with leukemia. This is extra weird as we had discussed their funeral/burial wishes because my grandfather's not well either. However, my grandmother seemed fine yet she supposedly has around two months left. The chemo is slowing the rise of her white blood cell count, but hasn't begun to reverse it yet. All they can do is buy time. And while most people want items for memories, I was lying in bed this morning thinking of the scrap of paper I thought of taking off her counter that had the ingredients for her pimento cheese. She doesn't have a recipe and I have her other favorite recipes. I probably can't get it right, but it freaks me out to not have it. Also, I'm glad now that I took some cupcakes when I left my parents' house, but now eating them feels weird, knowing that I'll probably not get more. I'm debating another trip to Birmingham, but not sure if it'll happen. Especially since Granny's the type to not want us to be there if she's not ok. However, that may never be the case again.
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Tuesday, December 21st, 2010 01:51 pm
After the concert footage made CNN for the second time last night, I feel the need to discuss Amsterdam. The two segments varied greatly in tone with the first segment, near Thanksgiving, being based on him being a turkey for his actions. That was a panel discussion with AJ Hammer, the host of last night's clip, being the loan dissenter, citing young fans and the video going viral, as the others said it's Adam, what do you expect? Plus, he likes the attention and making people think, as we all know. As for last night's clip, it was Rockers and Shockers of 2010, but anyone who knows anything about Adam knows that Amsterdam was a kickass night, but I wasn't totally surprised. As with much of his life, he hasn't exactly hidden his previous drug use. I was honestly surprised by how well he set up the toking with Purple Haze, not the fact that he lit up in Amsterdam. Also, until the encore at the Nokia, I thought the performance was going to be the only full performance of the song that he did. That would've been genius.

As for fan reactions, honestly, have people learned nothing in the last year? Adam loves to push buttons and as long as we react, he's done his job. All publicity is good publicity in the end, ask the fans who are fans because of the AMAs. As for the worry over young fans, if parents do their job, they have nothing to worry about. Talking to your kids about drugs will do more than Adam abstaining on stage. My parents are classic rock fans and I listened to many songs with drug innuendo and watch plenty of footage of illegal substance usage. Having my dad answer me honestly when I asked about certain lyrics, songs or actions did more than my DARE classes ever did. As such, I hope Adam continues to do whatever he wants on stage. And if you can't take the heat, maybe you shouldn't be giving him your time and money.