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December 20th, 2010

nolechica: (glam nation 2)
Monday, December 20th, 2010 05:40 am
I tossed a question to my Twitter feed about what of the Glam Nation set would be in the set list for next album's tour, with @finney4, @vegas1024, and @mindchnger participating most. I know this depends on the content of the next album and whatever his theme is, but I think WWFM, IIHY, Fever and Sleepwalker are the only ones I can't imagine not having. Aftermath, Soaked, and SFW/Music Again were suggested as well, but I can't see Music Again being reused or Sure Fire Winners, as much as I like it. Plus, I still think Sleepwalker and Soaked show off his voice better. Where Aftermath fits in a list of twenty eight or thirty songs to choose from, I don't know.

Aside from set list changes, it'll be interesting to see what he learned from 100+ dates as a headliner. I hope he learned that while the crowd loves his theatricality, and thus we realize that themes will happen, the next theme needs to include more room for change. The reactions he got to the changing encores were huge. Those will now translate into a set list that varies more widely over six months. It probably will simply because his next set probably will be longer and thus he'll need options. Presuming his next album gives us a similar number of tracks, that's where the FYE songs can be used again. Though I agree that Voodoo, the theme of this tour, probably won't be repeated. In fact, the US opening medley will probably be shelved. For Your Entertainment could reappear though. we shall see.

The other determining factor is the start date of the next tour. I doubt we'll see anything before October 2011, and more realistically January 2012. That gives leeway on a late spring/early summer drop date, plus promo and rehearsal. And the further out from the end of Glam Nation, the more likely we are to see some of those songs again. Here's hoping for a theme with some leeway in the main set and a tour around January 2012.