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June 23rd, 2010

nolechica: (adam car)
Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 02:23 pm
Ugh, this week has been interesting. Comps were Monday morning, but I got there to find out that Grant didn't submit his questions. As such, I dealt with Frank and Upchurch's questions, and their funky instruction. Frank forgot that he told me only to answer one, so a phone call was made to verify this. However, got a phone call Tuesday that I've passed his. Upchurch's I'm nervous as well though. Answered a gender history/suffrage question and a French/Haitian Revolution question, neither of with did I have time for the ten sources he wanted. And my French Rev sources were weak, but that's partly the books assigned for the class, McMahon was bigger on class notes, but Upchurch may not know that. I take Grant's exams Friday, need to rewrite them and time myself. Lots of details in military history. I also need to begin working on the paper again. Have an outline, but need more Australian War Memorial research. Lutyens is the main link, but need a link for Verdun. I'm ready to graduate.

Last night was interesting, totally screwed up my meds and felt like shit. Being toxic is infinitely worse than seizing as it lasts longer. For those who read my Twitter, that's why I left. Even fluids and food didn't help. Only sleep fixed it, but I slept through the WLL flail. :-/ OMG, that was fucking amazing! All of last night's stream was amazing. Adam went all out and if the reviewers can't see that and want more, fuck 'em. More songs means less vocals and I'd rather have awesome vocals than a longer show. Plus, I'm sure he doesn't want to perform the whole album. That leaves no surprises. And despite his open book policy, I think he wants a cohesive show and a few surprises. Which I may never get to see, the NOLA venue's being changed. Argh!