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Saturday, October 24th, 2009 03:50 am
I woke up from my pre-baking nap to somewhat horrid news from Dr. Gray. He doesn't think I'm ready to defend. However, if I can rewrite my intro and link my advertising chapters to my mascot chapters better it my be possible. Why didn't he tell me this about the chapters this summer? Did he not read anything until he had everything? I'm hoping my dad can help me figure things out because I already ordered my cap and gown and am ready to finish this. I had no idea changes this big were looming. Also, this may mean that the job I found may not work out, as I have no idea how many hours of reading, writing, meeting with /e-mailing Gray it'll take to be ready. I'm dreading telling my parents. Called them when I found out, but they were in bed already.

As for why I was baking after 11pm? Rachel's birthday is Sunday, so I took her cupcakes, a card, and a copy of Details. She was amazed I got her anything, but after the card, balloon and flowers she gave me last year, I owed her. She hasn't read the Details article, didn't even know it existed, but her reaction to the pics wasn't surprising. Not amused is the best way to describe it, as well as shocked because she's apparently been under a rock. However, after she was weirded out by the Wicked clips, I wasn't surprised. Eh, I'll check back after she's read the article and see if she gets the spread then, as she knows nothing of tour shenanigans. Need to link her a different Time For Miracles vid as well, as the one I sent was yanked, oops. I offered to gift her either TFM or the first single off the album, when it appears, her choice. We'll see which she chooses. And we tentatively made plans for Indian food on my birthday because I can make teriyaki, but haven't ever attempted Indian. I miss the homemade samosas my friends gave me in high school. Need Samrat, or takeout Indian, soon. However, I need to defend to not make my birthday miserable. I wasn't at Kellum long though, walked back in the rain as she was called to deal with trouble in another dorm. Hope the next visit's longer.


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