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Friday, September 17th, 2010 03:23 am
I don't even know where to begin, but i did get video last night, full Sleepwalker, partial Sure Fire Winners, and partial Twentieth Century Boy. Glad I did that, as my pictures were more crowd than stage, and I wanted to remember my first concert in media.

Now, the concert was amazing! The voodoo doll on stage? Nice touch! Everything's better live, but Ring of Fire, Sleepwalker, Soaked, Aftermath, and Twentieth Century Boy were amazing. And Sure Fire Winners was just what I expected. Ring of Fire and Aftermath surprised me, but I was prepared for the others. Was sorry about the screaming during Soaked, and actually met "I love you" girl at the barricades. She was totally unapologetic. Sleepwalker was total ear candy. And following him around stage for Sure Fire Winners, not easy. You really do need more than one show, between the lasers, Adam and the dancers, so much going on.

One thing I noticed was that the interludes that I'm not fond of in video, are excellent live. Monte in the Erotica Interlude? A+ Also, I'd been anticipating LP's drum solo, but he changed it up last night. It was long and awesome, but I didn't get to hear whether the opening notes sounded like the warchant. I'm glad I'm getting to see LP before he leaves. As for the rest, Fever was awesome, but I want to see it up close, for the backgrounds, kiss, and dancing. And the riffing during IIHY? Also, dance sequences are better live, and Brooke's intro was awesome. A lot to take in. Unfortunately for the Tommy fans, unless he was with Adam, I didn't notice him. Adam really is the star of the show.

As for the critiques we keep seeing, it wasn't too short, nor were the interludes too long. I say that having waited through them both to start filming. I was kind of surprised we only got one encore, but it was Sunday.


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