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Monday, December 20th, 2010 05:40 am
I tossed a question to my Twitter feed about what of the Glam Nation set would be in the set list for next album's tour, with @finney4, @vegas1024, and @mindchnger participating most. I know this depends on the content of the next album and whatever his theme is, but I think WWFM, IIHY, Fever and Sleepwalker are the only ones I can't imagine not having. Aftermath, Soaked, and SFW/Music Again were suggested as well, but I can't see Music Again being reused or Sure Fire Winners, as much as I like it. Plus, I still think Sleepwalker and Soaked show off his voice better. Where Aftermath fits in a list of twenty eight or thirty songs to choose from, I don't know.

Aside from set list changes, it'll be interesting to see what he learned from 100+ dates as a headliner. I hope he learned that while the crowd loves his theatricality, and thus we realize that themes will happen, the next theme needs to include more room for change. The reactions he got to the changing encores were huge. Those will now translate into a set list that varies more widely over six months. It probably will simply because his next set probably will be longer and thus he'll need options. Presuming his next album gives us a similar number of tracks, that's where the FYE songs can be used again. Though I agree that Voodoo, the theme of this tour, probably won't be repeated. In fact, the US opening medley will probably be shelved. For Your Entertainment could reappear though. we shall see.

The other determining factor is the start date of the next tour. I doubt we'll see anything before October 2011, and more realistically January 2012. That gives leeway on a late spring/early summer drop date, plus promo and rehearsal. And the further out from the end of Glam Nation, the more likely we are to see some of those songs again. Here's hoping for a theme with some leeway in the main set and a tour around January 2012.
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Sunday, December 19th, 2010 05:12 am
Don't Ask, Don't Tell was repealed by the Senate yesterday! First thing I did was call my dad, figured he might want to know before work on Monday, as Mom watches the news after he's asleep most nights. Then I thought about the encore performance of A Change Is Gonna Come that Adam did at the Music Box. Any other predictions he wants to make this week? Even with the Zodiac anniversary, that performance still hit me again when I heard the news. It'll be interesting to see how the news is received in Pensacola. Not sure with the Navy base here. Honestly, the base is part of why I want to leave. I grew up in a military city and have no desire to have my dating pool polluted by guys I'd rather not be with.
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Thursday, December 16th, 2010 05:03 am
Just got back from Daphne and Birmingham. My mother never learns. Do not try to buy shoes for me without my feet there. She did get me a gift certificate to Old Navy, as I needed skinny jeans before I tried on boots (flashback to riding boots and jodhpurs). I decided to have her return the boots and I got a check to get the ones I wanted. Also, got a Victoria's Secret card from grandma, the jeans and boots were also from them via my parents. As for visiting with Granny and Grandpa, I miss Granny, but Grandpa is much better sedated, even if he's sick. He's also ninety, so doing as well as can be expected. Not sure when I'll see them again since Charles and fiancee showed up. I got my graduation gift from him and thus have more money for Atlanta. Mom keeps asking me what I want for Christmas and I keep telling her help with my New Year's trip, but she's so into tangible stuff (see boots that don't fit) that it ruins my holiday. I don't care if I have less to open, really, I'm 28, not 8. I need to get Daddy to convey that to her while I figure out what to buy she who likes surprises. In addition to mom buying presents for me, I hate buying presents for her. It's impossible.

On the more ranting about mom, I think she bought my boots also because she doesn't trust me to be stylish. Even after I got yet another haircut and tried to find a workable style, my whole family still wants it straight. To the point of chemically straightening it. No, absolutely not. I don't even reliably cover gray, fuck straightening. I told Jeremy I don't really style it, so we tried working with waves. Now I want a diffuser. I like my hair wavy, and I don't care if they don't get it. Not sure when I'll get it cut next, but if Em and Mom bitch anymore I will absolutely lose it.

Also to add to family drama, the job hunt is going nowhere fast. I had an interview, but they left me feeling as if I was overqualified, which I am, but I have no choice. Can't get a teaching job and museum jobs are scarce. Plus, I'm still looking for jobs in Tallahassee and dying to move, either there or somewhere. My parents don't get that while I do understand there are money constraints, my money constraints are different than theirs or even Emily's. Plus, I don't think they'll ever understand how highly I value independent living. I don't like roommates, much less clingy roommates, and Sara gets very clingy. Anyway, didn't mean to go there, but it's been a rough week.
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Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 06:22 am
Friday was long, as I met Tyler at Aladdin's after lunch with Rachel. Needed internet and chill time. We hung out with Lisa doing homework (editing is much easier in person), and being useless, didn't even see my resume on my laptop until late Friday. Dinner was at Samrat, never has the food been so good, garlic and cheese naan, samosas, and lamb tikka masala. Rain and cold canceled our clubbing plans in favor of hookah and drinking at Lisa's. It was cool minus the end of the Boise St game. I should've taken a Jager bomb though. Would've made the sex discussions more fun. However, I wish we could've gone out, as I kinda wanted boy time. The night ended late as even with the pump, my being on the airbed woke Rachel up, again.

Saturday morning came too soon and cold. Wanted to stay in bed rather than be crazy drunks. However, tequila, vodka, pizza and chips won out, along with lots of pictures. I was more buzzed than I intended, but everyone else was happy. As such, I remember the pre-game craziness of pictures by the drum and Tyler getting a Gator to do the tomahawk chop. Also, having to meet up in the student section because they crossed the stands faster than I could. The first half is kind of a blur due to the aforementioned alcohol. I do remember the spear being handed to a presumably actual Seminole for the planting, and the Senior Day festivities. We scored first, but Florida went up 7-3 before we ran off 28 unanswered points. The second half was slow except for the anticipation. I laughed when the board was asking for more crowd noise and we were cheering non-stop. Tyler and Rachel and I were thrilled to be back together for the win, many high fives and much commentary. Tyler and I forgot to get a picture of just us in the stadium though, would've been fun for music fandom purposes. And Tyler, Rachel and Lisa left early to get in position to rush the field if they allowed it. So not my thing, but I loved the fireworks and the Maryland-NC State game finally being on the jumbotron after a game of passing the score among fans. That game wasn't over until Sara and I were half way to the car with Maryland's win giving us the ACC Atlantic title. We play Va Tech on Saturday, wish I could be there.

After we got back to the car, warchanting and singing the end of the fight song along the way, Tyler, Rachel, and Lisa were waiting. We then waited quite a while to get to dinner due to traffic and needing to retrieve my forgotten phone and Tyler's charger. However, hibachi was fabulous, chicken this time after shrimp at my birthday, and a great chef. We were so full that many wanted to sleep. I went to Rachel's and packed my stuff to move to Brooke's then Sara took me to Aladdin's because I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Tyler. We just chilled and talked, even found out Lisa's an Adam fan when Dust in the Wind came on the radio. She wanted to go to a concert, but didn't think her boyfriend would like it. I told her about my grad trip. Great final evening. Ended without tears being shed in front of Tyler.

The next day I woke up to a note saying Sara was with her boy. When she came back we grabbed lunch and discovered I need to order a score shirt. There were only XLs at Bill's and a XXXL at Garnet and Gold. I'm going to order from Garnet and Gold though because they have gray and the white is damn near see-through. This was a great trip, but I need a job, so I can either move back or visit more.
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Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 12:40 am
After a weekend in Tally that was both chaotic and chill, I'm exhausted. Wednesday night I went straight to Aladdin's with Rachel to meet up with Tyler. I've talked to him nearly every day recently, but hadn't seen him in two years. It was great to see him and meet Tim and Lisa. The only snag was discovering that my mattress wasn't self-inflating, so I slept on the floor at Rachel's. Thursday was my first Thanksgiving without my family, by choice. Tally is dead on Thursday, note to self for future. Drove around with Rachel looking for food, ended up at Wal-Mart *cringe*, but got chicken and veggies and a pump for the airbed. Couldn't believe I forgot/didn't know about the pump. I spent the afternoon while Rachel was working looking for internet access. Got to Starbucks right before close, so I walked to campus. Thank goodness for a laptop with decent battery as plugs were hard to come by until I found Bellamy unlocked. Chilled there until about five when Tyler and I made plans for Burlesque.

Met Rachel in the AMC lobby after a miscommunication about drinks at Chili's. The movie was great, but very typical musical rags to riches. I wish the soundtrack had more songs than it does, but I think the plot point about the other dancers lip-synching justified that. That plot point totally made me cringe and think of Idol too. Also, Cam Gigandet is gorgeous! And Christina in surround sound? Amazing! The sets and music remind me of Chicago. I wish they'd picked a different matriarch though to balance the soundtrack. Tyler and Rachel and I want to see it again. After that we went to Aladdin's to smoke because drinking in a dead town is no fun.
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Monday, November 22nd, 2010 04:43 pm
I've never seen my parents as much as I have this month. Kinda glad I'm spending Thanksgiving in Tallahassee. However, I also saw Emily twice this month, which is very seldom the case. Got my birthday present from her this weekend. I now have $63 in iTunes credit. Need ideas on how to spend it. I have a few ideas, but not many. I may be spending it on Christmas though, along with Amazon credit. Other than that, I got money, Japanese dinner and cupcakes on my birthday, and bought myself Samrat when I got to Tally. Didn't get to meet up with Thomas though. :-( The Clemson game was kickass though, close game with a last second field goal to win. It was cold though, and thinking about boots for the Florida game, as it'll be over after dark.

This weekend was low key, unexpected viewing of HP 7.1 though. It was good, but I have no idea how much of book 7 it actually covered. We also went and got free frappacinos yesterday, as Starbucks had the holiday drinks bogo all weekend. Saturday night was epic Trivial Pursuit after the football game, but we lost due to our in ability to land in the middle for like 4 turns. :-/ Next weekend/this week will be jam-packed. Need time in Tally though, want a job there.

ETA: Seizure at 4am on the 21st.
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Monday, November 15th, 2010 12:43 am
It's been a while, but I guess I should finally write about my birthday gift from my parents, which I got earlier than I think I ever have. In mid-October my desktop got infected with a trojan and the keyboard on my laptop malfunctioned. In the same week. Hello December 2009, so nice to see you again, not. Anyway, that weekend I took my desktop to my dad to get it fixed and my data recovered, thank goodness for external hard drives. I also got a new laptop. Originally, I was getting a laptop for graduation, but my concert trip changed that, so I got a laptop for my birthday. Went to best Best Buy and tested speakers and capability of use as an actual laptop. My dad's deceptive about that as his lap is wider. Also, I have the geek squad to help through the first few months. Need to figure out why text size changes in Firefox and Word. Without me doing anything, it's weird. Other than that, it's grand. So happy to have a real, new laptop with great speakers and 3 hours of battery power.

That same weekend we daytripped to New Orleans. Crazy, but fun, mostly, except for the whole Saints losing thing. Their fans wear some crazy shit, also saw a bride and groom in wedding regalia. And this commentary on crazy clothes in New Orleans comes after having been to an Adam Lambert concert there. Speaking of which, the Saintsations danced to If I Had You between the third and fourth quarters. I heard the music before I saw the dancers, but Sara didn't even realize what song it was until she heard me singing. However, the game was a blur of Saints mistakes and Browns scoring, the Saints secondary was sucking on Browns setup plays though no remarkable scores, just how many. This was for their maybe 100 fans in attendance. Sara stopped counting at fifty something. Driving back after a loss was bad, but it was saved by lunch with Patrick and stopping by the house to see Greer's Halloween decorations, bloody handprints on the door below the cutesy wreath, many gravestones, and a blowup haunted castle. Lots of works, but very cool.
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Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 01:48 pm
This past weekend was the BC game, which was a way hectic trip. Sara decided she didn't want to go, so I got a bus to Tallahassee on Friday and stayed with Rachel. Unfortunately, I got in town too late to meet up with Thomas, as the cab didn't arrive until 2am. That made me wish I'd gotten in town earlier and hadn't had to eat when I got in. I had to order Jimmy John's though because the bus didn't stop for food. I really wanted to see Thomas though because I've been thinking about him since he contacted me when I was in town for BYU. That was random because last time we talked he had a girlfriend. They broke up right after I moved I think. Anyway, went to sleep only to be awoken by Rachel having lost her keys. Went back to sleep for a few hours before getting up for the game.

I got ready and left for breakfast before the game, went to Jennie's before the game only to find it slammed. Got done at 11:30 and headed to the stadium. Walking across campus I almost broke down in tears. I need to move back, as staying in Pensacola isn't an option much longer. My lack of independence is making me crazy. I got to the stadium in time for kickoff. As for the game, much closer than I wanted. Down 6-0 early, then up 7-6 and 14-6 at half. At this point, I was sunburnt, and am paying for it now. The second half was a nightmare of turnovers, we ended up down 19-17 before finally scoring to win. After the Miami win, it seemed the team was coasting. Not cool. I had to charge my phone and finish packing before I caught my bus to end my whirlwind trip. Next game I'll be at is Clemson, after my bday. And hopefully get to meet up with Thomas then.
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Monday, October 18th, 2010 11:47 am
Lots of bus time this weekend resulted in my listening to lots of music and contemplating reworking the latest Christina Aguilera album. The main album has eighteen tracks and there are six bonus tracks, including the iTunes track. This is overkill. First off, I'd scrap the three intro tracks, even though Max is adorable, but we have evidence of that elsewhere. Also, I'd scrap I Am and used the stripped version that's a bonus track and substitute Stronger Than Ever for All I Need. Yes, I realize that's two of three Sia tracks, but the four ballads in a row were too much, and Stronger Than Ever has a more Fighter like tempo than the Beautiful tempo of the others.

As for uptempo stuff, I'd remove Glam and Elastic Love and sub in Birds of Prey. Despite all the bitching, I really like her uptempo stuff here, especially Prima Donna and Vanity, which allows for the Max cuteness at the end of the diva rant. That makes for a 20 song total as I'd make All I Need, Glam and Elastic Love bonus tracks. Also, fourteen songs for the main album is more reasonable, IMO.

Other thoughts, in the wake of the divorce announcement, Not Myself Tonight as a single makes more sense and I Hate Boys has a place on the album, short and whiny though it may be. I still wonder who Bobblehead was aimed at, and in the absence of an answer, I'll continue to picture Britney. Finally, I love My Girls, but it seems more like a bonus track, but dropping it makes seven bonus tracks which is too many. That's just my gut reactions after having been asked the question. Still not sure what the new track order would be.
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Thursday, October 14th, 2010 01:01 am
One little compliment can make you feel amazing.

So give me a compliment, anything in the entire world, even that my shoelaces are pretty. Put this in your journal. And once you get some comments, put that entry in a memory or tag and when you are feeling down, just go to that entry and this will remind you how great you are.
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Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 01:14 am
Ugh, my Master's degree may be a gigantic waste of time. Not only can I not find a job, I'm trapped in a house so far from my volunteer opportunity as to potentially make it not feasible. I contacted the people at the historical district downtown, and I can work with the archivist, but it's two buses and a twenty minute walk from the nearest stop. So much that could go wrong. However, it's a $20 cab ride one way, which is at least $80 a week, as I'm not only volunteering once a week, that's no good for my resumé or my sanity. I need museum experience so that I'm not only looking for teaching jobs. I am still looking for anything I can get at FSU or in Tallahassee because I would kill to go back. At least there I wouldn't feel trapped. I need to revisit my CareerBuilder searches and revise my PeopleFirst search to full-time jobs. As I'm now going stir crazy enough to want any job in a city not on the Gulf Coast, unless a job in NOLA appeared.

I like my alone time, but not having a car leaves me feeling trapped often enough. Like this weekend when Sara was at her aunt's house, my parents were in Auburn, and I was stuck here with the cat who hasn't figured out that my room is off limits. This means that the door is closed 24/7, which makes me feel even more trapped. I mentioned this to Sara as I want a way to keep her out and leave the door open, even if I have to get a fucking baby gate or some shit. I really don't want to have to move to Daphne, but I may have to if volunteering doesn't work out. Oh, and my parents should be congratulated on both succeeding in making me cry about my job situation this week. They just don't get it. I'm desperate enough to use an address that's not mine to make getting a job easier.
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Friday, September 17th, 2010 03:26 am
I think my brain is recovered enough from the epic to compose a coherent blog. First, thanks to a fan gifting me a ticket to Symphony Hall, I was able to go to both performances. And while I didn't have the awesome seat of the Tabernacle, it was a seated show with it's high points. I was taking video requests and people wanted Soaked, so I have my own copy of possibly the best Soaked all summer. So quiet during the a capella section. The other highlight was Sleepwalker, so emotional, reminded me why I started saving to see him to begin with. My other videos are Fever and Sure Fire Winners again. Intended to have TCB be my only vid at the Tabernacle, but Adam had other plans. Symphony Hall was the best acoustics I heard though. And it was great to share the experience with another fan. Went to the barricades after, but we missed Adam, only saw Monte and Tommy. I did, however, get the blue A t-shirt after having to skip merch in NOLA.

As for the epic of the Tabernacle, that started with adventures in downtown Atlanta, couldn't find Luckie Street. Anyway, was in line off and on from 9:30. Food breaks and such, but mostly chilling with fans, some friends from NOLA, some new. After having overheard the entrance instructions, I managed to get fourth row on the floor, one person from center. At the end of the show, I was very glad for that one person. Also, I was thrilled to have a GA show, which is a much better way to see the show and take in all rgw chaos on stage.

I skipped videoing, sort of, the craziness of TCB meant that I turned on the camera, but forgot to press record, fortunately, I realized quickly, but dreadlocks are distracting! As this was LP's final night he got a kickass drum solo during IIHY, and came dow to hug Adam. Then, the band and Adam came out for the encore in dreadlock wigs, and Adam in black lipstick, which was highlighted when he did some snake-like motion with his tongue! Crazy! Anyway, after visually epic TCB, we got aurally epic WLL. I was psyched to get WLL at all, but we got a verse or so of reggae, which was hilarious. Then we got the regular acoustic version, very hot. Literally. Longest encore all summer I think. After the encore ended, LP dove into the crowd, but landed a row over from me. So glad about that. Didn't want to drop him.

Adam skipped his Sleepwalker coat and disrobed after Strut, so it must've been hot as hell on stage. Plus, he made a comment about it in his banter. As a Georgia native, I wasn't surprised at all, but wore jeans anyway, as sitting all day in a skirt? No thanks. And my shorts aren't glam enough. Khakis at an Adam concert? Nope.

Forgot to add the barricades. I finally got to see Adam up close and get a signature. I thanked him for the awesome encore without fumbling my words. A small miracle. I also have a few decent barricade pix, but not many. So need a new camera before next tour. This was an exhausting, but very rewarding trip, even with getting lost on the way home, with a dead phone. Not my smartest move, but totally worth it.
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Friday, September 17th, 2010 03:24 am
As I'm skipping sightseeing in New Orleans, here's why. First off, I live three hours from here and have done a lot of the touristy stuff before. Plus, cab fare from my location to the French Quarter is expensive. Additionally, two nights out in New Orleans is a bit much. Let's start with last night. After the concert, I found the barricades, but there were people in three locations, and I chose wrong. As such, I saw his head, but never got close enough to get a signature, and my camera was out of memory. After that, where I met some of my Twitter feed (littlefanling, ayaneva, mistresscurvy), Meredith and I headed to Bourbon St. We met up with Kendra, Rachel, Sarah, Carolina and Earleen. After food and drinks (Handgrenade!), we went to Bourbon Parade, where Adam was in VIP. That was crazy people watching, and I couldn't see anyone except the mohawked guys he commented on at the concert. The second time watching VIP, I actually saw Adam, briefly. And damn he looked good, but it was fun.

Later we went to the official afterparty at Oz. They had the FYE vid playing and then we went to the dancefloor with WWFM remix playing and Adam was there dancing!!! He tried to dance in front of the crowd that gathered, which by that time, I think IIHY might have started. Not sure, that might've been after. Anyway, fun on the dancefloor at Oz. However, after a night of following Adam around, I'm still reeling. Especially with the end to the evening. Second trip to Bourbon St that has ended in a friend talking to police after a medical emergency.

And that's not considering my own fun. No time for dinner, so had to grab chips and water instead of merch. Then, I left the group briefly because I had a partial seizure, but am mainly tired today, was fine last night. No harm done!

As crazy as Sunday was, Saturday was low key. Met up with Ilana, Rachel, Nuri, Sarah, and Rachel after getting in town. We went to Mimi's in Marigny, great tapas restaurant. Salads, cheeses, potatoes, fabulous! Chilled there until we went to Bourbon St. Went to the Cat's Meow, my first time on a balcony there, very cool. Only problem was my flats so totally didn't work, but shoe fail? Not new.
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Friday, September 17th, 2010 03:23 am
I don't even know where to begin, but i did get video last night, full Sleepwalker, partial Sure Fire Winners, and partial Twentieth Century Boy. Glad I did that, as my pictures were more crowd than stage, and I wanted to remember my first concert in media.

Now, the concert was amazing! The voodoo doll on stage? Nice touch! Everything's better live, but Ring of Fire, Sleepwalker, Soaked, Aftermath, and Twentieth Century Boy were amazing. And Sure Fire Winners was just what I expected. Ring of Fire and Aftermath surprised me, but I was prepared for the others. Was sorry about the screaming during Soaked, and actually met "I love you" girl at the barricades. She was totally unapologetic. Sleepwalker was total ear candy. And following him around stage for Sure Fire Winners, not easy. You really do need more than one show, between the lasers, Adam and the dancers, so much going on.

One thing I noticed was that the interludes that I'm not fond of in video, are excellent live. Monte in the Erotica Interlude? A+ Also, I'd been anticipating LP's drum solo, but he changed it up last night. It was long and awesome, but I didn't get to hear whether the opening notes sounded like the warchant. I'm glad I'm getting to see LP before he leaves. As for the rest, Fever was awesome, but I want to see it up close, for the backgrounds, kiss, and dancing. And the riffing during IIHY? Also, dance sequences are better live, and Brooke's intro was awesome. A lot to take in. Unfortunately for the Tommy fans, unless he was with Adam, I didn't notice him. Adam really is the star of the show.

As for the critiques we keep seeing, it wasn't too short, nor were the interludes too long. I say that having waited through them both to start filming. I was kind of surprised we only got one encore, but it was Sunday.
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Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 02:48 pm
It's been a while, but I'm still job/volunteer position hunting. Contacted Historic Pensacola and hopefully will go by there this week about volunteering to get museum experience and out of the house time. Finally finished my cover letter and have begun my community college job search, anywhere and everywhere. I need to get out of the South, but to where? No idea.

As for Labor Day, it was crazy. Went to my parents' house on Thursday and Katherine was already there. Greer arrived that night and then Patrick, Jimmy, Sophie, and Jake arrived the next day. Three nights on the study sofa meant little sleep and shoddy internet meant no way to kill time. Delicious food and plenty of shopping (mostly for concert clothes) plus a surprise visit from Doug's med school friends was fun. This after Sara and I went to Baumhauer's to watch the Samford-FSU game. However, the weekend was exhausting and I'm germy.
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Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 02:20 am
Sitting in the office at my parents' house feeling pretty chill. The t-shirts have been found! My mother packed them with my winter/rarely used t-shirts. It's nice to have her be wrong on occasion. I knew there was clothing that I didn't have/hadn't watched be packed in the trunk. Just glad to have the shirts because one I could've replaced, one I think not. That's why I was stressed.
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Friday, August 20th, 2010 03:58 am
I hate hormones. Today was complete meltdown day. First, I told my mom that I need to move and not pursue a history job and look for jobs away from the Gulf Coast. I'm not qualified for teaching or museum work and until I know how to get around that, I'm stuck. I'm talking to Crystal at Voc Rehab tomorrow to restructure my resumé. Second meltdown was trivial, but still hurt. Folding laundry that was being unpacked, I discovered two shirts missing, weirdly, they're two shirts Sara has duplicates of, but anyway, they're ones I like to go out in. Going to Daphne this weekend to drop off the apartment key and try to find them. Also forgot that a polo had been hung in my closet instead of folded. So many clothes. I hope I find the shirts.

Oh and on a semi-random note, having a roommate is weird. Having a roommate I feel compelled to spend time with is weirder. We've been watching lots of random tv since I haven't watched much tv in ages, and my shows are on hiatus. It's taking some adjusting, but I don't know how it'll work out in the long run.
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Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 03:26 am
It's been a while, but I'm finally a graduate, as of August 7th, with a Master's of Science in History. Now the job search begins from Pensacola, both Sara and I want to go back to Tally. And I finally have a grad trip planned. Two, maybe three Adam Lambert concerts and the FSU-BYU game. Using grad money for three FSU games or I'll lose it, UF must happen.

As for moving out the day I graduated? Bad idea, forgot to empty the medicine cabinet. Also, was a crying mess the night before, ended up walking across campus from Rachel's office in Kellum, to the stadium, and then back home at 3am. So many memories and late night walks on that campus. It broke my heart to leave, which was part of the reason for the tattoo, which is healing weirdly (stretching) as part of my heart got left on that campus. Nine years is a long time for anyone, but especially when it's 18-27. As such, I'm searching carefully for jobs, not sure where I want to go. Looking at DC now.
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Sunday, August 1st, 2010 06:00 pm
stolen from [ profile] likespring

Ask me to blog about anything and I will include it in my next entry.