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Sunday, April 10th, 2011 07:46 pm
So, spent Em's birthday in Birmingham. Wasn't sure what to expect, as updates on Granny have been few and far between. I know she's been going through her personal stuff, which we did more of as Em and I are the only ones, with Mom, getting jewelry. She had three jewelry boxes plus her everyday one. Some stuff she gave us, some stuff was marked for later. Not depressing though, as she looks much better than I anticipated. Minus the hospice paperwork, which exists for Grandpa too, you'd never know. Charles was saying he won't let her get a bloodwork update because he's afraid she'll fire the nurses. She so would. Dinner was fun, got to see wedding pix, as Charles is married, again. Why, I couldn't tell you. Bama colored wedding and honeymoon in GA.

I know I mentioned Granny's cooking before, well I finally got a pimento cheese recipe, sort of, now I need a grinder. We had so much excellent food, but the best was the birthday cake, chocolate with chocolate icing and a creamy sugar filling layer. Angel salad was delish as usual as was her new veggie casserole. I managed to not eat ham and not be hungry. Later we totally ate pimento cheese and fritos. Em gave Mom extra wedding cookies in exchange for the left over pimento cheese, damn her. Unfortunately, arguing with the birthday girl is a no go. On another food note, Granny had three ice cream makers, so now Em and I both have them, LOL. Things my waist doesn't need. And she had rum left from my parents' trip to Bermuda, glad I'm old enough for it now. LOL. Not sure when the next visit will be, not Mother's Day, that's in Daphne.


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