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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 01:39 am
I've been turning these thoughts over in my head for a while, but after today's news, I need to write it out. Adam's in Denver finally writing for the second album. Albeit with a writer he scrapped last time, but it's finally happening. Plus, as Sleepwalker is one of my favorite songs, I never say no to more Tedder. I do like the live arrangement better though. Also, it's the song I wanted as a fourth single and I know Adam liked it. Plus, Tedder might be bland, but radio loves him. And first thing Adam needs from this album is four solid singles. That could be why Max Martin was mentioned first in the press and he went to Denver early to record with Tedder.

Once the feel of the album takes shape with those two, more eclectic writers and producers can be added. I'd love more with Greg Wells and Sam Sparro and maybe Claude Kelly or Dr. Luke. Also, I'd love to see the January tweet from Tricky Stewart go somewhere and maybe working with Sia. That would add some fresh faces, but not create a one song per person situation. That I'd prefer to avoid as that was one critique of the last album that I didn't want to hear and did. Adam has said he wants more cohesive and while the mention of WWFM has some worried, I'm not surprised. It's not my favorite, but it did the best on the charts and garnered a Grammy nomination, which can't be discounted. I think we'll see a balance of WWFM/Sleepwalker and more funky stuff like Voodoo/DTRH. Although preferably with easier to remember lyrics, as we know that isn't Adam's strong suit. ;-) Also, he'll get more co-writes this time, I think, so that'll prevent cookie cutter, as the songs that he co-wrote last time definitely weren't. Plus, that'll mean kickass bridges. :D

Not sure how Sauli will fit in yet, but I hope anything written about him actually makes the album this time *cough*Voodoo*cough*. That brings me to bonus tracks, those need to not be some of the best stuff on the album this time. When two of your bonus tracks end up in your tour set, you've miscalculated. Also, thank goodness for a supposed simultaneous domestic and international release. That way we get all the goodies at once and Adam gets clearer fan feedback. Can't wait to see what news we get next.


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